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My friend Mary loves travelling around the world. She likes visiting different places every week and she sends beatiful pictures of those places but she never tells me where she is. Can you help me?

Let’s try to guess where she is!! (write your ideas on the comments)

Dear Nacho,

Yesterday I was in a cold place in the north on the U.K. Everything was green and fresh. There were many old castles and a very big lake. People there was crazy! Men wore skirts and they called a lake “loch”.Can you guess where I was?



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6 comentarios sobre “WHERE IS MARY?
  1. Itziar Estaje Cabello dice:

    She is in Scotland.

  2. Alejandra López Torres dice:

    She is in Scotland.

  3. Alba 6º dice:

    I think she was in the Scotland, the Loch Ness.

  4. Aitor dice:

    I think she was in the Scotland in the Loch Ness

  5. Daniel ionita dice:

    I think she was in London.

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